About Wiredgraft

Who we are

Hello, we are Wiredgraft. We are enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for new trends and innovative ideas and report on our website on the topics of smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, car accessories and all that is the trend of the times. We inform our readers about new gadgets, innovative projects and groundbreaking technologies. Much of this already belongs to our normal everyday life, but just as much is still a vision of the future.

How it all started

The market for gadgets & technologies is still very complex and confusing for the end user. That was the starting point for Wiredgraft. We see a great need for education in this industry. We want to give the customer a decision support, if he is interested in smart products. With Wiredgraft, we offer all information on the topic of Smart Home and the smart life at a glance – attractive, comfortable and easy to understand.

How we work

We write comprehensive, honest, practical, inspiring and sound product reviews and buying guides for our readers.  We regularly scrutinised and analysed new products . The test lab is our playground Рhere we can try everything and test it for you, our readers.

And of course we are having a lot of fun with it. ūüėČ


Wiredgraft wants to make it easier for readers to make a purchase decision – so that everyone will find the right product for themselves. First, our multi-headed team identifies exactly the topics that interest the reader. This allows us to provide relevant test results and recommendations for our readers. On the other hand, our team does the time-consuming research work for our readers if we do not test the products ourselves.

All tests and comparisons are free for our readers. In order to refinance the elaborate editorial work, we link product offers from affiliated partner shops via so-called affiliate links. If our reader buys a product in one of the partner shops on such affiliate link, we receive a commission from them, such as Amazon, eBay or or any other affiliate network. The price remains unchanged for the user in any case.